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Sep. 7th, 2015 03:37 pm
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The following characters are played by Chinatown. A catch-all HMD is here, along with OOC contact.

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Icon Commissions are Currently Open!

Hey guys,

I'm doing icon commissions in order to raise money for Saving Orphans with Healthcare and Outreach (SOHO), a non-profit humanitarian organization that operates in Swaziland in Africa, especially the rural areas. The country of Swaziland has the highest rate of HIV of the world and extreme poverty.

SOHO's mission statement is what their name sounds like. Among other things, their work includes: arranging transportation for HIV-positive children to receive their retroviral medication at the hospitals (the medication itself is free; the transportation is expensive), dispensing food packages to impoverished families, and organizing scholarships and academic sponsors for children.

I have personally worked with these people in the field and trust them to utilize the money appropriately. When I visited Swaziland, we went grocery-shopping for a family headed by an 11-year-old girl, bused kids in from rural areas for medical assessment, and painted a welcome house for young women experiencing trauma and abuse, among other things. (You know what was sad, though: we couldn't afford to buy two chickens for the two households, one child-headed and one adopted by an older woman, so they had to share for the month.) We also provided sex education to local highschools. There are a lot of young, smart, sassy, enterprising young people in the country who could use and be inspired by a little help.

All proceeds will go to SOHO, aside from transaction costs (e.g., currency change for Swaziland, electronic handling fees if any) and possibly seed money for the upcoming GoFundMe campaign (see below). Transactions will utilize PayPal (you do not need to have an account) and I will provide you with the information via E-mail.

OK now pixels.

Style 1 Style 2 Style 2

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Comments and critique welcome. Please credit [personal profile] beachland.

Sorry about the crap image quality. HQ links welcome.

Just doing my part to encourage everybody ever to play Raven 'Mystique' Darkholme. PLS MORE RAVENS

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Via [personal profile] neveryourmask and [personal profile] ravenna

Pick one of my characters. Pick one of yours. I shall write a snippet of their relationship. It can be established or hypothetical, just as long as I have some familiarity with the character!

Here is a list of prompts, some of which I am probably lacking the pop-cultural reference knowledge for. Choose '33%' at your own risk.
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The face of a thousand faces, in various stages of preparation for death.


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